Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes 2021

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Happy Friendship Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes 2021: Friendship Day falls every year on the first Sunday of August. In 2021. Here you check latest and top wishes for Friendship Day.

Shared below are best of Friendship Day messages that celebrate each and every colour of friendship. Whatever kind of friendship you have, these funny Friendship Day wishes for best friends, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend have the power to express the deepest of your feelings. Enjoy Friendship Day picture messages 2021 to celebrate this day!!!


Happy Friendship Day Messages 2021:

“Dearest friend, I love you the most because you are always there to join me in the most stupid things in life…. Happy Friendship Day to you.”

“I find myself extremely lucky to have a friend like you who is much more than a friend to me, who is my life…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.”

“No matter how old we grow, no matter how much distance we have between us, you will always stay in my heart…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day 2021.”

“To a friend who has always been there for me, I thank you for being such a wonderful friend… Happy Friendship Day and always stay as awesome as you are!!!”

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Happy Friendship Day Wishes Messages:

“Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day to my dearest, sweetest friend who has always surprised me with doing things that no one would ever do for me.”

“When I was small, I used to pray to God to give me the most special friend in this world and when I see you, I know that my prayers have been answered well… Happy Friendship Day.”

Funny Friendship Day Messages:

“When I look at you, I feel that you have been blessed with a lot more than you deserve…. Happy Friendship Day to you for having a friend like me.”

“You have to do lots of good deeds and pray a lot to God to have a friend like me…. I am your jackpot and you are the lucky soul… Happy Friendship Day 2021.”

“On this Friendship Day, I promise you that you will always find me in all the stupid things you are going to do in your life because we are contracted partners in crime for life.”

“Let us celebrate the beautiful friendship that we share to make it a perfect Friendship Day, the day that gives us another reason to spend more time together.”

“If there is someone on whom I can depend without a single thought then it is you my friend. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.”

Happy Friendship Day Images 2021 Wishes:

“You feel much stronger and happier when you have a friend you can always trust. I think I am truly blessed to have you. Happy Friendship Day.”

“You have painted my life in the lovely colours of friendship and brought so much happiness and smiles into my life. Warm wishes on Friendship Day to you.”

Friendship Day Long Messages:

“Whenever I am in my trouble, I think you. Whenever I want to party, I think of you. Whenever I am sad, I think of you. Be it any emotion I am undergoing, I always think of you my friend. Happy Friendship Day.”

“It is the magic of your friendship that has helped me become a better person in life. Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day my friend.”

“The life is much more fun when you have a friend to multiply your smiles and minus your sorrows. Happy Friendship Day to my dearest friend.”

Happy Friendship Day Wishes Quotes:

“Friendship happens when you instantly connect, you instantly understand and you instantly feel comfortable with someone.”

“Friendship doesn’t come easy as both of you have to be comforting, understanding, loving, caring and truthful to each other each day, each moment.”

“Friendship is like two way traffic…. Both the souls have to be equally giving, caring and understanding to have the wheel rolling.”

You are blessed if you have a true friend in life…. Always value him and never lose him because such people come to those who are blessed in life.”

Friendship Day Quotes Images for Best Friend:

“There has been lot of sacrifice, lot of understanding, unconditional love and support that has gone into this friendship…. Warm wishes to my best friend on Friendship Day for making it possible.”

Cheers to our beautiful friendship which is growing with each passing day and becoming more valuable to us.”

Friendship Day Messages in Hindi:

“Dosti ka yeh din sabse khaas hai kyunki ismein base jeevan ke sabse khaas ehsas hai…. Aye yaar teri yaari se badhkar is jeevan mein kuch bhi nahi khaas hai.”

“Jiska dost ho tere jaisa, uski zindagi ho meri jaisi…. Na koi dukh aur na koi takleef kyunki jab tu hai paas, toh har pal hai khaas.”

“Dosti ke is din ko banat hain aur bhi yaadkar karke yeh vaada ki chahe kuch bhi ho jaye, rahenge hum hamesha hi saath.”

Thank You Messages for Friendship day:

“You came into my life, you won my heart and you stayed….. This is the short and sweet story of our friendship which is out of this world….. Thanks for being such a good friend…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.”

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